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i'll put inuyasha stories here

              the first kiss
Inuyasha was acting his "normal" self, you know, acting weird to Kagome and Shippo. Miroku hasn't really been paying attention, same with Sango, the two have been blushing at each other and such. Shippo knew something was up, but knowing it was best to keep his mouth shut, he did so.

Inuyasha began to stare up into space up in a tree. Kagome looked up at him and gave him a heartbreaking look, she began to think. 'My heart is beating fast again. What does this mean? Am I--no! What's a matter with me, thinking such stupid thoughts? He's a stupid, selfish, violent punk! Besides, all he thinks about is Kikyo.'

Inuyasha looked down at Kagome and he jumped down. "What is that," Inuyasha exclaimed. "Pity again?"

"Oh no," Kagome replied, snapping out of it. "Just something extremely stupid."


"Leave me alone!"

"What was it!"

"Get over it, Inuyasha!"

"What were you thinking!" Inuyasha began to stalk Kagome.

"Sit!" Inuyasha slammed to the ground as Kagome walked away.

"Ooh, Kagome said the word again," Shippo said looking at the indent in the ground where Inuyasha laid in great pain.

That night, as Sango and Shippo were sleeping and Kagome lied awake in her sleeping bag, Kagome listened to the conversation between Miroku and Inuyasha.

"It is expected of a man," Miroku said.

"What do you know," Inuyasha shouted. "You chase after every girl you meet!"

"I know that you think about Kagome more and more each day, leaving Kikyo in the dark more." Miroku took a drink of his water, looking wise.

Inuyasha turned a little red and he blinked, "She's only my shikon shard dector! That's all I really need her for." Inuyasha pouted in the way he always does, his legs crossed and his arms between his legs, looking down at the ground.

"So, it has nothing to do with the fact that she resembles Kikyo, she's softening and healing your heart, and you fight stronger and faster when she's in danger?" As Miroku said this, he counted each statement with his fingers.

"What are you talking about? I just don't want my detector to be killed! No bastard is going to kill her before I become a full youkai with the Shikon no Tama." Inuyasha turned away from Miroku, glancing over Kagome, Shippo, and Sango. Kagome just closed her eyes.

"I know what you're thinking..."

"Oh! Do you know all the sudden?" Inuyasha rolled his eyes and leaned againist a large rock.

"You don't want to confess your feelings to Kagome because you're afraid the same thing will happen to her just like Kikyo." Miroku took another drink of his water, knowing he was right.

Inuyasha ignored him as the image of Kikyo came to his head and that day she was attacked by Naraku.

Kikyo walked to that place in the fields of the forest, holding the Shikon no Tama, awaiting for Inuyasha to come. Quick sprints from behind Kikyo, moving from side to side, unnoticed by the hopeful Kikyo. A slice at Kikyo's shoulder from behind came and she fell to the ground, her hand releasing from the Shikon no Tama from her hand.

Inuyasha clinched his teeth and made a fist with his hands. 'It wasn't me...' He thought in his head. 'It wasn't me.'

Kagome frowned and fell asleep as the silence of Miroku and Inuyasha continued.

The next morning, all she could think about was Inuyasha's and Miroku's conversation last night. Kagome began to think: 'What did Miroku mean when he fights better when I'm in danger? Is it true? Well... I couldn't be sure, could I?'

"We're gonna leave without you," Inuyasha shouted.

"Don't leave without me," Kagome shrieked and ran after the others.

Kagome walked behind the others, thinking; Inuyasha has been stranger than usual... He seems to be kinda dodging me. Why though? If he has feelings for me, he wouldn't do that... Would he?

Later on, they stopped for a break and Inuyasha sat up in a tree, gazing up into the cloudy, blue sky. Inuyasha sat and thought only about Kagome. Her scent is a wake up call for me... It brings me back.’ Inuyasha thought. ‘Yet, she looks so much like Kikyo...’ Inuyasha stopped thinking for a minute, glanced down at Kagome and back up at the sky, and whispered, "Could Kagome have feelings for me?"

Sango leaned her back againist the tree with Kiara sitting in her lap. Kiara's ear twitched and Sango looked around. Sango picked Kiara up and gazed around. Kagome began to feel a Shikon shard near by.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said. "I feel a Shikon shard near by... No wait... Two, no, three!"

Inuyasha jumped down and prepared himself. An old man with a cart walked by and Inuyasha slumped.

"I think your senses are being knocked off," Inuyasha said.

"No, I'm serious, I sense them! They're really close," Kagome complained.

Kagome looked around and spotted them in the mans cart and she pounced on the cart.

"Uh oh," Shippo said. "She's becoming Inuyasha."

Inuyasha gave Shippo an evil look and Shippo hopped on to Miroku's shoulder for protection from the pissed hanyou.

The man dragging the cart, looked back and Kagome rumaging through the cart, he did a little half smile and jumped into the air, revealing his true identity as a youkai.

This youkai had large fangs that curved in like a sabber-tooth tiger and eyes like a hawk, except they were blood red. It starred fiercely at Inuyasha as Inuyasha pulled out his sword. The youkai took a few steps toward them, the ground shaking beneath them as the monster took steps towards them, it's large claws digging into the ground with each step. It's tail had a large point on the end that came above its head like a scorpians, the point filled with poison, ready to strike Inuyasha and his companions.

Inuyasha grinned at the youkai, holding his sword, ready to fight. There was a short pause when the youkai attacked. Inuyasha dodged the youkai, but the tail went to strike Inuyasha. Inuyasha dodged it when it was an inch away from getting him. He threw his sword down to the tail, but he missed.

"Where are the Shikon shards," Inuyasha shouted to Kagome, while trying to get away from the tail.

"They're in his tail," Kagome shouted back.

The youkai glared at Kagome, it saw the Shikon shard around her neck, the large half of the Shikon no Tama. The youkai went after it, desiring more power. Inuyasha jumped in front of the youkai and cut it's ear off. The youkai screamed in pain. It glared at Inuyasha and hit him with it's large hand. Inuyasha wasn't quick enough and he fell to the ground. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo looked paniced.

Sango started at the youkai, riding on Kiara's back, holding her boomerang ready to throw. The youkai struck at the two and they fell to the ground. Sango groaned in pain and Kiara layed on the ground unconsious.

"Sango!" Miroku shouted, grabbing his staff. Ever since his hand was cut, he knew he could only use his right hand in an emergency or else there would be a risk of him being sucked in himself.

Miroku dived at the youkai, but as Miroku was dodging it's tail, the tail hit him and he fell himself. Shippo ran over to Inuyasha to wake him up.

"Inuyasha," Shippo shouted. "Inuyasha!" Shippo shouted louder, "Inuyasha!!" Shippo smacked him across the face, "Wake up, you idiot! KAGOME IS IN TROUBLE!" Inuyasha still didn’t wake up and Shippo was trying everything he could think of.

The youkai went after Kagome, she starred in shock, unable to move her body. She screamed as the youkai snatched her. Kagome struggled. The youkai stood on his two back feet and snatched the Shikon shard from her. It laughed evilly as he squeezed harder, sufficating the helpless human.

Inuyasha woke up and saw Kagome struggling more and more, but growing weaker. Inuyasha stood up and grabbed his sword as Kagome slumped in the youkai’s hands. It laughed deeply and evilly as he dropped Kagome.

Inuyasha’s sword transformed, he jumped up, caught Kagome, and landed in tall grass near by, even though he knew it wouldn’t help with the large youkai on it’s two back legs. Shippo ran to them and looked at Kagome.

"Kagome," Inuyasha shouted. "Kagome!!"

Shippo looked down at Kagome and back up at Inuyasha. Inuyasha set Kagome on the ground, clenched his fist, and growled. He grabbed his sword, leaped into the air, and screamed in the most anger he had ever felt in his life, "YOU BASTARD!!!"

Inuyasha swung Tetsusaiga and it automatically killed the youkai, Inuyasha looked at Tetsusagia and nodded in satifaction. Inuyasha ran to the tall grass.

Miroku, Kiara, and Sango had already become concious again and are looking over Kagome. Kagome, still lying there, is still and not breathing. Inuyasha looked down at her and held in his emotions.

"Come," Miroku said. "We must leave him be..."

Sango, Miroku, Kiara, and Shippo walked away, hoping for the best.

"Kagome," Inuyasha said quietly, seeing a tear on her face. "Don’t go, please." Inuyasha picked her up and hugged her. "Kagome, I-I... Can’t let you go... I never got to tell you that I..." Inuyasha set her on the ground and leaned close to her face. "I love you..." Inuyasha kissed her.

Kagome felt a jolt of air rush into her and she woke. When, she opened her eyes, Inuyasha was kissing her. ‘W-What!? Is he... Kissing me?’ Kagome began to blink, not believing what was happening to her. Her heart began to pound harder than ever, but she felt relief. Was this what she wanted? Could it be that Inuyasha actually did love her??

Inuyasha sat up again and opened his eyes, Kagome was alive. "K-Kagome..." Inuyasha said quietly. "Are you alive?"

"I guess..." Kagome replied and she began to remember hearing something before she felt that jolt of life. "D-did you say that you l-loved me...?"

Inuyasha shook out of it, "Feh! Why would I love a stupid girl like you?!"

Kagome felt tears run down her cheek, I guess she was wrong. Inuyasha must’ve thought he was talking to Kikyo. He’s still not over her...’ Kagome thought. ‘He still loves her... More than he’ll ever have feelings for me...’

Inuyasha eyes widened by Kagome crying. "K-Kagome... Don’t cry..."

"Why, why not?!" Kagome shouted at him, still crying. "I wake up to you kissing me and you make a stupid comment like that, you idiot!"

"What did you call me?!"

"You heard me, you're an incredible idiot!!"


"You're the hugest, most unsensitive, stupidest idiot!!!"

Inuyasha backed away from the shouting and then came back in. "You're calling me the idiot! I'm not the one who can't step out of the way when a youkai is attacking me!!!"

"It's called fear, you get it too!!!"

"What?! I'm not afraid of anything!!!"

"Really? Then how come when you first sent me back to my world without my Shikon shard, before you sent me back, you held me close and said you were afraid for my safety!"

"Well--" Inuyasha paused and blinked.

Kagome got up and went out to the field to gather the Shikon shards left behind by the youkai, picked them up, and walked away.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted running after her.

Kagome went by a tree and sat down, staring out at the lake in front of her.

"Kagome..." Inuyasha said sitting down next to her, Kagome ignored him. Inuyasha sniffed around, but only smelled Kagome... Her rich scent, driving him crazy just to kiss her. "Kagome, I--"

"I don't wanna hear it," Kagome said, turning away. She wanted to say sit so badly, but her mouth wouldn't let her.

"Fine," Inuyasha pouted.

Kagome sniffled and let a tear roll down her cheek. Inuyasha kissing her, saying that he loved her, and then telling complete lies, it can hurt a girl. It hurt Kagome.

Inuyasha looked up and saw a tear fall, and he got freaked out like he always did when anyone cried. "Uhhh," Inuyasha said and he did the only thing he wanted to do, he kissed her. Kagome was stunned again, and ended up kissing him back.

'What am I doing?!' Kagome thought.

Inuyasha ended the kiss and whispered, "I-I-I love you..." It was the hardest thing for him to say since Kikyo died and when she was reincarnated as well. 
"I love you too," Kagome whispered. 'What did I just say?!' Kagome thought in her head. 'Did I really mean it...?' Kagome felt her heart beat hard, but kind of relax, like it's what she always wanted. Kagome kissed him again.

Up in a tree, Kikyo watched and she whispered, "So it is true... Inuyasha cares for her more than I..
               VAIENTINES DAY
It was a beautiful, sunny day in the warring states ages and it was about to be spoiled by a fight between Inuyasha and Kagome.

"Inuyasha, will you knock it off? I'm leaving to go back to my time no matter what you say!" Kagome yelled at Inuyasha, her face red with frustration.

"Why do you have to go back?" Inuyasha screamed back.

Miroku stepped in and started to reply, but a look from Kagome told him to keep his mouth shut.

Kagome calmed down and said to Inuyasha, "It's Valentine's Day, Inuyasha. It's when you spend some time alone or with your family at your own house," Kagome sighed. "Inuyasha, why can't I spend one day back in my time? Please don't make me say the word."

Inuyasha gulped."You wouldn't. Alright, you can go to your own time, but only for this Valentine's day thing."

"Horray!" Kagome exclaimed, "and I'll bring something back for all of you." And with that she disappeared into the well.


Later, Inuyasha was walking in the forest sulking and Shippo popped up out of nowhere.

"Do you want to know what Valentine's Day is about?" Shippo asked.

"Fine, but only because I don't have anything better to do," Inuyasha grumbled.

"Okay" Shippo said brightly. "It's all about being nice to each other and eating candy and stuff. You also might give each other flowers."

"Oh, is that all? Inuyasha asked. "I wonder why Kagome would do something as boring as that when we have to look for the jewel shards?"

"Sometimes it seems like all you care about are those shards," Shippo mumbled under his breath and nearly got smacked in the head for the comment. "Anyway, I think you should go get her some flowers 'cause she was really sad when she left." Shippo commented and with that he disappeared.

"Feh" Inuyasha said as he stood up and thought, Maybe I should get Kagome some flowers...

So he went around, gathered some flowers, and jumped through the well.


Meanwhile, Kagome was sitting in her family room thinking of what to do. Man, it sure is boring. Maybe I should have stayed in Sengoku Jidai. A voice calling out her name startled her out of her thoughts.

"Kagome are you home?" Inuyasha called out.

"Hey Inuyasha, what are you doing here?" Kagome exclaimed as she walked out of the back door.

"I, um, came to apologize for yelling at you before. Oh, and these are for you." Inuyasha said timidly.

"Oh, those flowers are beautiful! Come in and I'll make some ramen for us to eat." Kagome said. "That would be nice," Inuyasha replied as they went inside.


After they sat down with bowls filled with ramen in their hands Kagome asked, "Inuyasha, what do you think of me as? Annoying, boring, stupid, what?"

Inuyasha replied, "I think you are nice, intelligent, and beautiful. Kagome."

"Do you really mean that?" Kagome questioned.

"Yes, I do, and I love you," Inuyasha said and kissed Kagome on the lips afterwards.

After the kiss broke off, Inuyasha asked, "Do you know how long I have waited to do that?"

"Just about as long as I have," Kagome replied as they kissed again, and the couple sat there for the rest of the evening remebering the day they admitted their love and their first kiss.
            forbiden fealds
 Little Inuyasha coughed as he slumped down on the tree trunk. He looked at the green grass flowing as he sighed. Inuyasha was terribly sink, he turned right, he never knew what Medicine was and if he never knew what it was, he would get more sick and catch something terribly wrong.
He blinked his yellow eyes but shut them tight never wanting to feel the pain. His brother didn’t care about him, and his brother was his only blood in the whole earth. Someone was holding his small ears and moving them left to right. Inuyasha wiggled his ears as he heard… but… how could this be? A girl giggling? No one ever dares to go in the wonderful field, cause they know there are creatures that want to enjoy the wonderful view and air, so they are afraid of them getting hurt and their children hurt. And at last! He has a friend, someone to take care of him!!! But who is she?
He opened his small little eyes as he sneezed.
The little girl gasped as she ran away leaving Inuyasha.
Inuyasha sighed as he saw the girl’s long wavy black hair flowing down the hill. He frowned as he knew, that she ran away because of him.
“Nice job, she’s scared of you… she thinks you’re a freak” A voice laughed through his head. That’s what his brother always said to him, Sesshoumaru, his brother, his own blood making fun of him. All these years he never liked him, Inuyasha suddenly gave up, “Sesshoumaru is right… I am a freak…”
“Who said that?” a voice suddenly occurred to him.
He turned around meeting black orbs joining to his yellow ones.
“Your back!!” He yelled but he coughed.
“Of course I am…my name is Kagome!I ran back because I wanted to get some medicine for you… You sounded terribly sick” kagome smiled.
“I am… I am indeed…My name is Inuyasha, but what is Medicine?” Inuyasha asked.
“No wonder you are sick!!! How long have you been sick?” She asked as she noticed his nose turning all red.
She quickly took out a napkin from her pocket.
“Here you go” she said as she put it on his nose.
Kagome looked around as she looked at the river near by.
She took Inuyasha by hand as she walked to the river.
“drink a little bit of this…” kagome said as she put some medicine on his hand since he doesn’t have any spoons or cups.
“It’s sticky… I don’t want it” inuyasha sneezed.
“Aw well” kagome smiled as she pulled his hand up on his mouth which made him cough even more.
“Now drink as many water as you want, this river is called everlasting love… it is clean and no one dares pollute it, you know why?” kagome asked.
“Why?” Inuyasha asked as he started to drink from the water.
“Well… this is the story…
Once upon a time there was one princess and one prince. One day the prince asked her if they wanted to walk together in the woods. The princess agreed and they fell in love. One terrible day the prince died in an accident when the horses started to over react and panic about snakes that the prince fell over the cliff. The princess cried with all her heart that she ran and met one river she noticed. She left a small crystal in the lake to keep the lake clean and loving, and whoever drinks from this river, the princess promises that the boy whoever drinks from this river, shall never feel her pain and shall find his love soon” Kagome finished the last sentence sadly.
Inuyasha smiled at Kagome, he then drank from the water.
“Maybe… I could find her sooner then that” Inuyasha challenged himself.
“Hey, you are not sneezing!!” kagome said as she felt Inuyasha’s ears again.
“Maybe it could be Kikyo?” Inuyasha thought.
Kikyo was a nice person, she may get crazy over one guy, but she loves Inuyasha dearly and Inuyasha loves her back… this time…
“Kikyo?” kagome stopped.
“Yeah my love, I’m only 8 but I have this big crush on her!!” Inuyasha looked at Kagome.
“How old is she?” Kagome asked.
“I’m 7 too…” Kagome smiled weakly.
“What’s wrong?” Inuyasha asked.
“Oh nothing!! Hope your relationship with her will last long!!” Kagome winked.
Inuyasha smiled, “Thanks Kagome, you are a real help”
“I have to go… Inuyasha… I may never see you again” Kagome looked sadly.
“Why not?” inuyasha asked.
“Because… I liked you too much already” Kagome stood up as she gave the medicine to Inuyasha.
“Drink this everyday, 2 times a day, drink plenty of water…” Kagome said.
“Why are…. You-…”
Kagome smiled, “It’s alright... I thought I actually had a first friend in this town… no one calling me goody girl… Only one secret friend I can always talk to and play with, no one else caring more then me… But I was wrong… I will never have friends, no one calling me a goody girl… I shall just have a fact having no friends… having only friends calling me names, even though it hurts me… I’m going home… Good bye Inuyasha”
Inuyasha was surprised but sad at the same time, he saw tears in her eyes. Pain and a lot of pain, just like his eyes when his brother Sesshoumaru used to make fun of him and yell at him and beat him up and keeps saying be stronger or you shall never have no family! Inuyasha cried always in that.
He saw kagome walking off, walking out of his life, walking away… away making his emotions ashes and dirt…
A few years past…
Kagome forgot all about her secret friend, she had too much things to handle, like work, homework, chores and her only 2 friends she can trust.
Inuyasha never forgot his human friend, the one he made her cry, but he had a girlfriend already Kikyo. (don’t get sad okay? I’ll deal with Kikyo later!)
kagome walked past the beautiful field as she saw not one single person.
She looked to see if her family was there, yes they were, but they were busy eating at a restaurant.
“Come on dear!!! Don’t dare look at the field or go there again!!” Her mother cried.
“I’ve been there before? I don’t want to eat mum!” Kagome said as she put down her school bag.
“She doesn’t want to eat cause she’s fat” Souta laughed.
“be quiet!!” kagome wacked him.
“Now, now, no fighting!!” Kagome’s mother yelled.
“Come on, let’s go home” The grandpa said as they took all of them home including Kagome.
Souta was running around the house with his shirt off not wanting to get a needle shot, 2 of them.
And kagome’s mother and grandpa was chasing him all over the house yelling at him.
Kagome was in her room at her window one hand carried her whole head up and her other hand laying down. She looked with boredom.
A white pigeon landed on her window seal as it started to stare at kagome.
Kagome lightly touched the pigeon as it pecked her and made her bleed.
She looked at her blood as she looked at the field beyond all the towns.
She looked down from her window she sat on her window ledge, she then jumped off making her hurt more.
She ran making her blood drip from her hands and the bruises from her legs were sworn, she wanted to remember those memories, she has been to the field before? When? How? She was never allowed there…
She suddenly ran through the yellow wheat, glass from the ground thrown in the field was scraping every part of her leg, she saw a tree trunk as she fell and held close to it.
She had a feeling she has been here before, she walked weakly to a river but felt real tired and dropped to the floor.
Inuyasha was smiling at kikyo as Kikyo was smiling back, they were walking toward the river of everlasting love.
Kikyo gasped as she pointed to a girl in the… FIELD?
Inuyasha jumped toward the girl as Kikyo followed him, by steps.

Inuyasha carried the girl to the trunk as he gathered water from the river and poured it over her head.
“Stupid girl, why would she even go in this field? Haven’t no one told her about these creatures wondering around? It could be dangerous…”
“Don’t blame this girl Inuyasha… I have a feeling I know her… and one of those creatures is you” Kikyo said.
Inuyasha twitched his ears, “I think I know her too”
Kagome woke up as she saw yellow orbs staring at her.
She also noticed ears twitching she then couldn’t help it as she played with his ears, “Are these real?”
“I know her!! Kikyo! She’s the girl I met before I went out with you!! She’s the girl who helped when I could’ve been dead by now!!” Inuyasha cried with joy.
“A girl? You met before me?!” Kikyo said with eyes that had flames in it.
“Yeah” Inuyasha stopped jumping up and down and stared blankly at Kikyo blinking three times.
Kikyo growled at kagome, “I’ll meet you in the village Inuyasha! Goodbye!!” Kikyo said as she walked strictly toward the right of the field.
“I don’t know you… I think you should go back to Kikyo…” Kagome said as she stood up but fell because of the bruises she had.
Inuyasha stared at the bruises and the blood, “Where you in battle?”
“No… I ran to the field… I wanted to remember the memories I had here… Mother said I have been here before…” Kagome said. Inuyasha ripped some of his clothing and wrapped it around kagome and took out the pieces of glass. He then ripped another piece from his shirt, he put it in the water and rubbed all the bruises and wrapped the piece of clothing on her arms and legs.
“I think you should go back to the well my human friend, you can visit sometime” Inuyasha smiled.
“You never came here by well? No wonder you have all those bruises!!” Inuyasha said as he carried Kagome near another lake with a well in the middle.
He put her on the ledge of the well, “Okay Kagome farewell, visit sometime okay?” Inuyasha said as he pushed her in the well.
“Is he crazy? Pushing me in a well? How does he know my name??” Kagome yelled as she was falling in the well, then she fell to the floor fainted.
Souta was running around still trying not to get needled, then he went in to the shed and tripped and landed in the well. “Ow!! KAGOME?” Souta yelled.
Kagome’s mother opened the shed and looked down the well noticing Souta awake but Kagome all hurt.
”MY BABY!!” The mother said as she ran to a closet and took out a brown ladder.
She then carried kagome up and leaving Souta climbing the ladder.
“Kagome… are you there sweetie?”
Kagome slowly opened her small eyes, “Yes I am”
Kagome nodded weakly, “It was just…all a dream”
She then noticed she had Inuyasha’s ripped clothing, “Or is it?”
Inuyasha walked to the village still smelling Kagome’s scent, “oh what a beautiful sent!!! KEH!! What am I thinkin’? I have Kikyo, not kagome!!”
“Yeah right Inuyasha, soon enough your girls will betray you and leave you to steal your money… oh woops, you don’t have any money!” Sesshoumaru appeared behind a tree.
“Stupid brother!! Go away!! I can have any money anytime!!” Inuyasha yelled.
“Yeah… like trying to steal the Shikon No tama!! But you failed miserably!! And when you noticed it was Kikyo you gave up, cause you know you love her! You are such a fool Inuyasha!! SUCH A FOOL EVER SINCE YOU WERE 8!!” Sesshoumaru laughed.
“I’m 16 now! I changed!! You are just my half brother!”
“True… but father liked my most because I was pure demon, you are just half demon, no wonder you are so weakl!!”
“You wanna bet? Me weak? KEH” Inuyasha said as he took out his sword and went into position.
“Stop fighting!!” Kikyo appeared.
“Oh look, your girl saved your life” Sesshoumaru smirked.
Inuyasha growled as he was about to get Sesshoumaru but Kikyo pinned Inuyasha with her arrow to the tree.
“Stop it!!” Kikyo yelled.
Sesshoumaru smirked as he snapped his fingers. He then disappeared.

“YOU MADE ME LOOSE HIM!!” Inuyasha struggled out of the tree.
“All I care is your safety” Kikyo said as she touched Inuyasha’s cheeks and kissed them softly.
“I have no reason to have a girlfriend who won’t let me in battle!! That is what I live for Kikyo!!” Inuyasha said as he growled.
He shouldn’t have done this but his brother is who he hated all his life, and all he wanted was to kill him once and for all. (YEAH!! Go inuyasha go!!)
“All girls are like that Inuyasha!!” Kikyo yelled.
“That’s why I’m special!!” Inuyasha yelled back as he took out the arrow and went on top of a tree.
“Goodbye Kikyo” Inuyasha said with a pleasant voice.
Kikyo growled, “I will get my revenge”
Inuyasha smirked, “Try me” He then left.
kikyo closed her eyes having a smirk on her face, she then started to glow a light pink colour, she then opened her eyes. Inuyasha’s necklace was glowing purple and it was hurting inuyasha,”I forgot about this… Damn…. Thing… argh” he then stopped jumping and fell to a pile of bushes.
Kagome stood up straight as inuyasha’s strapped of clothing fell down.
“Inuyasha’s in trouble!! I know it!!”
“Inuyasha?” Kagome’s mother asked.
Kagome forgot her mother and Souta was there, she looked at where her bruises are, “Hey? Where are my cuts?”
A fox-demon wiggled it ears as it put its nose up and started sniffing, “A demon is in trouble!!” He said as he ran with his two feet… well… paws…
Inuyasha was wiggling and tried to fight the pain back from his necklace.
The fox-demon looked at the wiggling bush, “Oh… this must be… FOOD!!” It said as it devoured the bush by only landed on top of inuyasha.
“Are you okay Mr.?” It said as it put one small little cute finger on his mouth.
“HEYY!! THAT’S MEAN!!” it said as it strangled inuyasha making the necklace break.
Inuyasha hit the fox-demon.
“What’s that for?”
“FOR STRANGLING ME!” Inuyasha yelled back.
“But I saved you!! You owe me big time, oh and my name is Shippo” The little creature rode on inuyasha’s shoulder as he began to walk to the everlasting love, river.
‘Why was she so jealous? I thought I saw love and care in kikyo… and the way her eyes flamed when she met Kagome…’ Inuyasha thought.
“So??? What do you think about the deal?” Shippo interrupted Inuyasha’s thoughts.
“What deal?” Inuyasha blinked.
“I saved you, and you give me food” Shippo smiled.
“I don’t have any food!!” Inuyasha said as he pulled Shippo off his shoulder.
“Then get some!!” Shippo growled.
“I don’t know where to get some!!” Inuyasha growled.
“In the village ofcourse! I sniff and you steal!!” Shippo smirked as he put on finger pointing up and a big smirk appeared on his face.
“Whatever!!” Inuyasha sighed.
Shippo sniffed at the air while closing his eyes and pointing his finger to the village.
He then pointed into one house.
“That one!! I smell dinner!!” Shippo licked his small lips, and rubbed his hands together.
“But-… ALRIGHT!” Inuyasha said as he took Shippo by the ears.
Kagome couldn’t help but think about Inuyasha, she was not aloud to go outside until the end of the week, so, she will never see Inuyasha again. She was cooking dinner for herself, since her mother and father went to get Souta’s needle done.
“It’s called stealing!!” Shippo said. He transformed into a normal boy now, he was wearing a green t-shirt and brown shorts, and his hair was still in a ponytail (I use to think Shippo was a girl LOL)
“It’ll be more politer” Inuyasha crossed his arms.
“Like you were ever polite…” Shippo mumbled.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY??” Inuyasha growled as his hands were shaped into fists and his legs were far apart and so was his hands.
“Nothing” Shippo smiled weakly.
Kagome stopped cooking as she put the stove off, she then ran to the door as she turned the knob.
Inuyasha and Shippo watched the door knob… and there stood….
“KAGOME???” Inuyasha yelled.
Yes Kagome, the one who was left alone in the house, with two demons trying to steal food… or shall I say ask for food…
“INUYASHA!!” Kagome yelled.
Shippo stood there blinking as he broke the silence, “Can I have food?”
Kagome looked at the boy, “Come in… Poor things… don’t have food” Kagome laughed as Inuyasha looked around the house not noticing Kagome has just made fun of the all mighty Inuyasha.
“You guys can sit down in the living room, my parents are sleeping over at grandma’s because the doctors place is very far, they said they could trust me not to bring friends, but they never said if friends came here” Kagome said as she went into the kitchen and started to cook noddles, she then took out brownies for the little creature.
Inuyasha stared blankly at the T.V, “ What is this?”
Shippo looked at Inuyasha with a big smirk then the T.V, “It’s probably a place where they keep all the bad demons in, and you are bad aren’t you?”
“KEH!! No way!!! Um… HEYY!! How’d you know?” Inuyasha gulped.
“Cause it says right here!!” Shippo smirked.
“KEH!!” Inuyasha said as he hid behind the couch.
“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!” Shippo fell to the floor.
Shippo pressed a button.
“What???” Inuyasha panicked.
“Nothin... OH MY GOSH!! Look at all those food!” Shippo drooled.
“Disgusting…” Inuyasha stuck his tongue out.
Kagome took the brownies, she then set it right in front of Shippo, “There you go”
“THANKS A LOT!!” Shippo said as he chomped down.
Kagome smiled at Inuyasha as Inuyasha blushed.
She went in the kitchen and got soup, she put it right in front of Inuyasha, ”Eat”
Inuyasha nodded as he began to eat.
Shippo watched T.V as Kagome elbowed Inuyasha.
Inuyasha put down his food and followed Kagome.
‘Where is she taking me?’ Inuyasha thought.
Kagome led Inuyasha toward her window, it was so big that two people could sit on the ledge. Kagome was looking at the stars with her eyes twinkling.
Inuyasha didn’t move his head toward her, because she will notice him, he moved his eyes instead, he saw her eyes twinkle and her warm breath freezing toward the unknown world.
‘kiss her Inuyasha… I know you want to…’ A voice repeated in his head.
“KEH, NO WAY!” Inuyasha whispered loudly to himself, but Kagome was too busy looking at the stars, she hasn’t noticed Inuyasha saying anything.
‘You want to… Just say kagome… and… KISS HER’
“Kiss her…” Inuyasha thought.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha whispered, Kagome turned her head, “Yes?”
“Kagome… I… have to do something…” Inuyasha said as he leaned closer...
“Wait” Kagome said as she stopped Inuyasha. Inuyasha was surprised, he then looked at the stars, ‘I knew it’

‘nice try, maybe next time!!!’
“No next time…” Inuyasha thought.

“What about Kikyo?” Kagome asked.
“She wouldn’t let me be in battle so I gave up on her and said to go away and live her life” Inuyasha lied.
“Oh…” Kagome sighed.
Inuyasha looked at Kagome, “Try again…” He thought.
“Now can I do it?” Inuyasha asked.

They didn’t know Shippo was watching it all, “He’s too polite”
Kagome blushed as she nodded yes.
Inuyasha leaned closer as he closed his eyes, and Kagome followed along.

Almost there…
A little more closer…
“HELLO!!!” Shippo interrupted.
Inuyasha blinked as Kagome giggled.
“Hi… ah… name?” kagome asked.
“Shippo” Shippo answered as he bowed.
“Sh---I—ppo!” Inuyasha growled.
“I better go Kagome!!! Inuyasha will start pounding me if I don’t go home…” Shippo smiled weekly as he jumped out of the window and disappeared.
Inuyasha looked at Kagome as Kagome looked back.
She smiled as she looked at her watch, “I’m tired…”
“Okay…” Inuyasha sighed.
“You could sleep with me… I would lock the door and in the morning you could leave…” Kagome flushed.
“Alright…” Inuyasha flushed.
Kagome smiled as she ran to her closet as she picked out clothing, she then ran to the bathroom, “Inuyasha!!!! I’m gonna change in the bathroom, wait okay?”
“Alright…” Inuyasha was still flushing.
Kagome came out of the bathroom, she was wearing a white shirt that had a puppy eyes dog pleading saying ‘IM POOR GIVE ME FOOD PLEASE’ and shorts that was pink.
Inuyasha noticed the shirt as he thought for a second, “That reminds me of Shippo”
“Inuyasha… You have to use my dads old clothes” Kagome weeped as she remembered her dad.
“What’s wrong?” Inuyasha asked.
“You… see… my father died…” Kagome sighed.
“Wow… I’m sorry…” Inuyasha said.
“It’s alright…” Kagome said. A surprised look came from her as Inuyasha walked up to her and gave her a hug. Kagome couldn’t help but fall asleep in his warm embrace.
Inuyasha chuckled as he layed on kagome’s bed, “I never change anyways, I only take a bath”
Kagome never heard a single word, she was comfortable sleeping in Inuyasha’s soft chest, she snuggled as she put her arms around him.
Inuyasha laughed as he hugged Kagome back.
‘His laugh is the sound of the angels’ Kagome snuggled deeper.
Inuyasha smiled as he put the blanket on top of both of them, he then turned off the switch.

-- The next morning --

6 eyes were staring at Kagome and Inuyasha.

“Mom… Who is this boy?”
“I don’t know… a pet?” The mom said.
“IT’S AN EVIL SPIRIT!” An old voice yelled.
“AHHH!!” A little boy’s voice yelled.

Yes, you know who it is, Souta, Kagome’s mother and the grandpa.

Kagome woke up knowing who it was, she looked who was on the floor, Inuyasha was snoring and Kagome looked like she pushed him off the bed.
“MOTHER!!” kagome shrieked.
“What… what is this thing??”

Kagome cried, “NO MOTHER!!! I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO!! YOU ARE GOING TO THROW HIM OUT AND LET ME NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN!!! NO!!! no… no….. don’t throw him out… please…. He’s my love…”Kagome fell to the floor all weak.
She fell silent… and then her eyes turned all black.

Inuyasha twitched his ears as he smelled danger, he got up and saw Kagome with pure black eyes, he held her close as her family members stared at her.

Kikyo had her eyes all black while Shesshoumaru was controlling her body.
“Make her die… I know you want Kagome to die… Make them… make them all… pay…” Sesshormaru whispered lightly in her ear. “I will… let them have all the pain… let then all suffer… as I did…” Kikyo said as she put her hands together and she smirked, “Kill Kagome… Let Inuyasha’s heart be shattered as his loved one hates him most…”
“Your right… do as much as you can” Sesshoumaru smirked.

Kagome walked toward the window as she struggled out of Inuyasha’s embrace, she fell down the window but still alive, she slowly walked toward the field.
“MY SWEETIE!!!” The mother cried.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get her” Inuyasha cleared his throat.
“Please get her!! I know she is annoying… but I still love her as my sister” Souta smiled.
“Okayy I will” Inuyasha said as he messed up Souta’s hair and flew out of the window.

Kagome reached the field, she was shaking and whispering, ‘Inuyasha…come save me… I’m being swallowed by the darkness…. Inuyasha…’
Kagome saw Sesshoumaru and Kikyo, she walked towards them, she then fell on her knees in front of them.

“KAGOME!!” Inuyasha yelled as he ran past the glass with his two bare feet, not one single blood on him, he then ran and say Sesshoumaru and Kikyo, “Oh no…”

Sesshoumaru smirked as he got out his sword, Inuyasha smirked as he got his sword out also, “LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!”

Kikyo stood up still having black eyes, she walked toward Kagome, she took her by the neck, she took out her arrows, she then pinned her, with her clothing to the tree.
Kikyo took three steps back…
Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had a long battle.

Inuyasha truck right, Sesshoumaru blocked it.
Sesshoumaru struck west, and Inuyasha blocked it.
Inuyasha slashed Shesshoumaru and he fell to the ground.

Inuyasha sighed.
“You won a battle Inuyasha…” Sesshoumaru replied.
“I told you… I changed” Inuyasha said plainly.
Kikyo got her position with her bow and arrow as she was about to shoot Kagome.
She lifted her arms slowly until…


Inuyasha put a hole in kikyo.
“AHH!!!” Kikyo yelled as her eyes turned back to normal colour.
Inuyasha looked at Kikyo.
”I’m sorry Inuyasha… I was a fool to think we would end up together… Take care of my recarnation…” Kikyo said her last words as her eyes stood still with no glimmer or no light.
Inuyasha was shocked, “Recarnation?” He looked at Kagome, ‘So… when Sesshoumaru said you will lose 2 girls… he meant… I would lose one… I’ll deal with this later… I got to save Kagome’ He stared at kagome, noticing her eyes were still black. He walked up to her as he took out the arrows, Kagome was still standing there, her eyes suddenly twinkled, it was back to normal.

Sesshoumaru got his sword as he headed his way to Inuyasha, he threw his sword, targeting Inuyasha’s back. Kagome noticed as she went behind him and sloed her eyes tightly whiel putting up her hands in the air and her legs separate too, “NOO!!!”
Inuyasha turned around, but it was too late, the sword hit Kagome.
“NO!!!” Inuyasha said as he took out the sword from her fragile body and slashed his brother.
“I still think you are a fool” Sesshoumaru said.
“I’m glad to be one” Inuyasha said as he eyes were blazing and angry, he walked toward Kagome as his eyes turned soft. Kagome smiled as she touched Inuyasha’s cheeks, “Remember to take your medicine every 2 times a day…”
“I will” Inuyasha chuckled as he touched Kagome’s soft cheeks.
“Inuyasha… I love you…” She said as she closed her eyes… and left Inuyasha’s life forever.
Inuyasha cried as he pushed his tears away and put her near the lake where they met.
Inuyasha saw a shiny bright crystal inside the river, he picked it up.
One terrible day the prince died in an accident when the horses started to over react and panic about snakes that the prince fell over the cliff. The princess cried with all her heart that she ran and met one river she noticed. She left a small crystal in the lakle to keep the lake clean and loving, and whoever drinks from this river, the princess promises that the boy whoever drinks from this river, shall never feel her pain and shall find his love soon.

Inuyasha gasped as a tear dropped on the crystal. He then put it in Kagome’s hands.
She started to glow a green color…

A girl with long black hair and brown eyes with a blue dress appeared beside her, she took the crystal and smiled at Inuyasha, “My name is Richinoka Hyun… I am the princess who was told in her story. Yes it is true. I see your ending didn’t end up as happy… it turned out to be just like mine…hmm… She would be okay… just… see…
Make her smile…
Hold her tight…
and set her free…

The princess winked as she said one last goodbye, “I shall go… My purpose has been fulfilled. Oh yes…” She kissed Inuyasha’s forehead.
A boy her age came and took her hand, “You are no longer demon…good bye Inuyasha” and both disappeared.
“Why does everybody say GOODBYE INUYASHA!!!? And what does that girl mean???” Inuyasha held Kagome tight and sighed. Inuyasha looked at his hair, it was BLACK?? He looked at the water and noticed his eyes weren’t yellow nor he had no fangs, “This is what the old lady means… but what does she mean about that rhyme?? I HATE RHYMES!!”
'Kiss her…'
'kiss her… that's the answer dumbo'

Inuyasha closed his eyes as he kissed Kagome with pleasure.
After 2 minutes, 2 hands embraced Inuyasha and pulling Inuyasha closer to Kagome.
Inuyasha opened his eyes noticing Kagome was alive, kissing Inuyasha back.
“KAGOME!!” Inuyasha said letting go of her.
Kagome took a breath and jumped on Inuyasha, "Inuyasha!! I thought I was dead…”
“But he saved you” Shippo popped out of no where which made Inuyasha panic.
"Shippo?? WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THAT?" Inuyasha said.
"Because… I have my ways…" Shippo grinned.
Inuyasha stared at Kagome.
"You look different…" Kagome touched inuyasha.
"I am no longer demon…" Inuyasha smiled.
"Oh good… I get to marry you then" Kagome smirked. Inuyasha blushed.
They both went into a sweet embrace.
"Never leave me alone again…"
"I promise I won’t…"

"I love you…"
"I love you too"

Shippo had his arms crossed as he looked at Kikyo and Sesshoumaru, "Can someone tell em something? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE DEAD BODIES?!"

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